What is POE?

Mixture of organometallic complexes, fatty acid derivatives and plasticizer DBD.

POE is divided into two kinds, one is the polymer of ethylene and butene, the other is the polymer of ethylene and octene.

Its characteristics are: (1) octene’s soft chain curl structure and crystalline ethylene chain as a physical cross-linking point, making it both excellent toughness and good processability. (2) POE plastic molecular structure without unsaturated double bonds, with excellent ageing resistance. (3) POE plastic molecular weight distribution is narrow, with good fluidity, and good compatibility with polyolefin. (4) Good fluidity can improve the dispersion effect of fillers, and also improve the strength of the melt marks of the products.

With the increase of POE plastic content, the impact strength and elongation at break of the system has a great improvement. It can be seen that POE plastic has excellent toughening effect on PP, and PP, active calcium carbonate has good compatibility. This is because the molecular weight distribution of POE plastic is narrow, the molecular structure of the side octyl group is longer than the side ethyl group, in the molecular structure can form a linkage point, between the components to play a linkage, buffer role, so that the system is affected by the impact of the role of dispersion, buffer impact energy, reduce the chance of the silver line due to the development of force into cracks, thus improving the impact strength of the system. When the system is under tension, due to these linkages formed by the network structure can be larger deformation, so the system elongation at break has a significant increase, when the content of POE plastic increases, the system tensile strength, bending strength and bending modulus are reduced, which is determined by the performance of POE plastic itself, so the content of POE plastic should be controlled at 20% or less. The relationship between the content of POE plastic and the melt index, after adding POE plastic, the melt index of the system increased. POE plastic itself has good fluidity, it is added, but also to improve the fluidity of the whole system, when the content of POE plastic more than 15 parts, the melt index of the system basically no change, if you want to continue to improve the fluidity of the system, it can not completely rely on POE plastic.

Applications: mainly used to modify and toughen PP, PE and PA in the automotive industry to make bumpers, fenders, steering wheels, pads and so on. Insulation and sheathing for the wire and cable industry where heat and environmental resistance is required. They are also used in industrial products such as hoses, conveyor belts, tapes and moulded products. Medical equipment and household appliances, sporting goods, toys, etc., as well as packaging films, especially suitable for low smoke and halogen-free fuel barrier; cosmetics, food and other hose packaging; sports shoes soles foam midsole, outsole, etc.; flame retardant masterbatch; stretch film, winding film, various types of cling film; also used for industrial press products such as hoses, conveyor belts, adhesive fabrics and moulded products, etc.

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