QW-1956 Tires And Rubber Anti-ozone Protection Wax

Widely used in rubber products, tires, belts, soles, cables, hoses; Could effectively prevent front ozone cracking, synergistic with chemical antioxidants to prevent cracking having better results.

Ingredients: Refined paraffin and microcrystalline wax mixture.

Appearance: Light yellow granular

Freezing point (¡æ) (ASTM d938): 61 — 65.

Viscosity @ 100 ¡æ (ASTM D445): 7 — 12cst.

Penetration @ 25 ¡æ (ASTM d1321): 20 — 45dmm.

Storage life: room temperature, dry environment for at least 2 years.

Packing: 25kg / carton, net weight of 1000kg per pallet, fixed with telescopic film.

Health and safety: see MSDS of this product.


  • After the product is thinned, a tough and dense wax film can be continuously formed on the surface of rubber products, which can effectively prevent ozone cracking, with medium migration speed and long-term protective effect
  • Special formula can effectively prevent frost spraying
  • The carbon is widely distributed and belongs to normal temperature protection. The recommended temperature range is 10-45 ¡æ
  • It has synergistic effect with chemical antioxidant to prevent cracking
  • Suitable for rubber products, belts, soles, cables and other industries

Consumption: 1-3PHR

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