QW-159 Tires And Rubber Anti-ozone Protection Wax

Widely used in rubber products, tires, belts, soles, cables, hoses; Could effectively prevent front ozone cracking, synergistic with chemical antioxidants to prevent cracking having better results.

Ingredients: Refined paraffin and microcrystalline wax mixture.

Appearance: Yellow — Brown particles.

Freezing point£¨¡æ£©£¨ASTM D938£©£º62–67

Viscosity@100¡æ £¨ASTM D445£©:5.5—7.012cst

Penetration@25¡æ£¨ASTM D1321£©:15-30dmm

Storage life: room temperature, dry environment for at least 2 years.

Packing: 25kg / bag, net weight of 1000kg per pallet, fixed with telescopic film.

Health and safety: see MSDS of this product.


1. After the product is thinned, a tough and dense wax film can be continuously formed on the surface of rubber products, which can effectively prevent ozone cracking, with medium migration speed and long-term protective effect.

2. Special formula can effectively prevent frost spraying.

3. The carbon is widely distributed and belongs to normal temperature protection. The recommended temperature range is 5-45 ¡æ

4. It has synergistic effect with chemical antioxidant to prevent cracking.

5. Suitable for rubber products, belts, soles, cables and other industries.

6. This product is in particle form, which is convenient for customers to weigh and use.


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