The Special Properties of Rubber Active Agents

Rubber active agents are special compounds that provide a variety of properties when added to rubber compounds. These agents influence a number of rubber-related characteristics, from the material’s ability to resist tearing and abrasion to its hardness, flexibility and strength.

Tearing and Abrasion Resistance Properties

Rubber active agents can improve the tearing and abrasion resistance of rubbers. This means including the agents will make rubber materials more resistant to both external forces and impacts. It also increases the service life of rubber components.

Other Features

The addition of rubber active agents also influences other features of rubber elements, such as:

  • Hardness: when rubber active agents are incorporated into a rubber mixtures, they increase the hardness of the product. This can be beneficial for parts that require superior mechanical strength.
  • Flexibility: on the other hand rubber active agents minimize the flexibility of rubber products. This can be a great element if rigidity and stability are needed.
  • Strength: rubber active agents also improve the strength of rubber products. This is very useful for applications which require strength and resistance to external forces.

With all of the mentioned advantages, it is no surprise that rubber active agents are increasingly being used in rubber products. Whether used for improving abrasion resistance or enhancing other properties of rubber, rubber active agents are cost-effective, efficient and reliable.

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