RA101-F10-W98 Sulfur Ointment

Shorten the mixing cycle and make the mixing easier.Promotes the absorption and retention of plasticizers. Easy to vent and reduce bubbling.The better of the products surface appearance reduces the rejection rate. Reduce density and cost.

Features and benefits:

Shorten the mixing cycle, make mixing more convenient, promote the absorption and maintenance of plasticizer, easy exhaust and reduce bubbles generation. The mixing is more convenient, the surface appearance of the products is better, the scrap rate is reduced, the fluidity in low-temperature is reduced, and the quality of each batch is maintained. Batch consistency, improve bending and cracking resistance.

1. As a plasticizer for rubber processing, it can promote the dispersion of filler in rubber compound.

2. Make the rubber surface smooth and small shrinkage (stable dimension ).

3. It can help calender, press out and inject pressure. It is specially used for rubber strip of white factice , and can also reduce the eject of sulfur in rubber.

4. It has the properties of sunlight resistance, ozone cracking resistance and electrical insulation.

5. It can promote vulcanization of styrene butadiene rubber. Reduce the dosage of accelerator.

6. It can be used as a filler for neoprene (CR) and is generally used for light colored rubber products.

7. Can improve the exhaust and foaming uniformity in foaming products. 

8. It can avoid oil spitting caused by high softening oil.

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