Safety and Environment

At Xinqianwei, we uphold the spirit of green technology and benefit people’s livelihood, actively respond to the government’s call for energy saving and emission reduction, and develop a low-carbon economy; we have a grateful heart and return the care of the community. In terms of safety and environmental protection management system, we continuously draw on and innovate safety management concepts and management methods on manuifacturing rubber active agents and eva wear-resistant agent from China factory material., while drawing on the safety management experience of other large international companies, combined with the actual company, to explore and summarize the top ten safety concepts, goals, commitments and visions of safety and environmental protection four elements, so that the awareness of employees is constantly improved.

 I. Ten major concepts

  1.  safety will never be compromised.
  2. safety is a condition of employment.
  3. safety is a prerequisite for all work
  4. each employee is responsible for his own safety and that of others
  5. that all levels of management are directly responsible for their own safety
  6. that all accidents are preventable.
  7. that all potential hazards of safety operations are controllable.
  8. hidden hazards mean accidents and must be rectified promptly.
  9. good safety creates good performance.
  10. where the heart is, safety follows.

 II. Objectives

    Eliminate serious accidents, eliminate occupational diseases and acute poisoning accidents, eliminate general accidents and prevent minor accidents; no environmental pollution accidents; 100% rectification rate of all kinds of accident hazards.

  III. Commitment

  1. to comply with national and local laws, regulations, norms, standards and other requirements
  2.  To achieve sustainable development by continuously reducing “three waste” emissions and effectively using energy.
  3. Create a safe working environment to protect employees and the public from harm.

  IV .Vision

    Peaceful Xinqianwei, happiness together. XinQianWei people have the persistence, perseverance and ability to hold up the sky of peace, pave the road of happiness and create a peaceful and happy home.
Let the family feel at ease and ask the government to rest assured!