QW-100 rubber tackifying resins

Used in NR,SBR,BR,CR,IIR,EPDM, Improve uniformity of mixing of different viscosities and different polar rubbers, reduce mooney viscosity and shorten mixing time.

Ingredients: Dark aromatic and fatty resin mixture.

Appearance: Brown granular.


Softening point(℃):100


Storage period: 2 years under normal conditions

Package: 25kg / bag

Dark aromatic and fatty resin mixture


1. rubber tackifying resins from China factory can Improve the uniformity of rubber with different viscosity and different polarity, and make other fillers mix evenly quickly.

2. China rubber tackifying resins manufacturer In the process of rubber mixing, it is very easy to be dispersed in rubber. Good processing performance can be obtained when processing in open mill, internal mixer and calender.

3. rubber tackifying resins can quickly reduce the Mooney viscosity of rubber and shorten the mixing time.

4. Increase the extrusion speed without increasing the mouth expansion, and also increase the calendering rate.

5. rubber tackifying resins can increase the viscosity between rubber and improve the phenomenon of rubber falling off the roll on the open mill.

6. China rubber tackifying resins is recommended to add at the initial stage of mixing, which is only applicable to dark or black rubber products.

7. China rubber tackifying supplier resins is applicable to tire inner liner, inner tube and tire capsule, which can significantly increase the air tightness of the product.

8. Pass the PAHs certification of environmental protection oil.

Applicable rubber types: NR, SBR, BR, CR, HR, CIIR, BIIR, EPDM, etc.

Consumption: 1-10PHR

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