T4500 Rubber Plastic And Styrene Copolymerization

Make product touching.softness for EVA sponge, insole, yoga mat, flipflops.Make good touching of product and elastic, for CMR IF> midsole, yoga.In-mold foaming material.

Ingredients: Copolymer of styrene and butadiene

Package: 25kg / bag

Melt index£¨G/MIN)£º10
Shore hardness£º30
Melting point £¨¡æ£©£º55

1. This product has high elasticity, softness and toughness. It can be used for products requiring low hardness.

2. Added in EVA for modification to improve EVA elasticity.

3. Suitable for sports equipment, midsole and insole.

4. Easy to process and compatible with various polymers.

5. Depending on the main formula and dosage; Generally, the hardness can be reduced by 5-15 degrees without affecting the hand feel.

Usage: add with main rubber

Dosage: 10-30PHR.

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