RF-50 Rubber Peptizer

Widely used in NR, SBR, BR, NBR, EPDM, etc.; Lubricating and physical peptizer, improve rubber fluidity, promote carbon black dispersion; Delay vulcanization and does not affect the physical properties of vulcanizationa.

Ingredients: Unsaturated fatty acid zinc soap mixture

Appearance: beige granule

Density£¨kg/m³£©: 1150

Dropping point£¨¡æ£©: 100

Ash content£¨%£©: ¨Q13

Iodine value£¨gl?/100g£©: 40¡«50

Storage period: at least 2 years at room temperature and dry environment

Package: 25kg / polyethylene bag


1. China rubber active agents are suitable for NR, BR, SBR, and other rubbers. It has lubrication and physical plasticization, improves the fluidity of the rubber, and promotes the dispersion of carbon black.

2. It can quickly reduce Mooney viscosity, shorten mixing time, save energy consumption and improve production efficiency.

3. It can delay vulcanization and basically does not affect the physical properties of vulcanizate.

4. Improve the extrusion, calendering and extrusion speed, and increase the smoothness of rubber surface.

5. Increase the plasticity of foam adhesive and improve the uniformity of foam pores.


add with rubber

Applicable rubber types:

NR, SBR, BR, NBR, EPDM and etc.



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