Rubber: Pawing at the Surface of Activation

Rubber, a material previously relegated to the mundane, is suddenly everywhere. It’s in the soles of your shoes, lining the walls of your town or school, and even taking form in an array of stylized shapes and products.

Once a humble and utilitarian material, rubber is now being used in exciting ways. Here we’ll explore how and why rubber is making a comeback in creative applications.

Why Rubber?

Rubber has a lot to offer. A natural or synthetic material made from rubber polymers, rubber is known for its durability, weather resistance, and elasticity. These characteristics make it ideal for outdoor applications and even medical equipment. Other desirable traits include its availability, affordability and recyclability, rendering it environmentally friendly.

Rubber in Creative Applications

Rubber is paving the way in a range of creative applications. From decorative panels to industrial designs, the material is being transformed into sculptures, furniture, and even jewelry.

  • Architecture – City parks are using rubber tiles to line outdoor pathways and playgrounds. The design possibilities are endless, as rubber can be molded into custom shapes and colors to match any aesthetic.
  • Art – Artists are exploring the material’s tactile qualities to create two-dimensional works of art. Rubber is also being used for full-scale sculptures, ranging from giant rubber tires to monumental installations.
  • Fashion – Deeply rooted in punk culture, rubber is now being repurposed into high-end fashion lines. Wearers of rubber jumpsuits, dresses, and accessories parade through town, controlling the street with their personal flair.

Widespread Activation

Rubber is seeing a surge of activation in distinct creative fields. At the same time, homage is being paid to the traditional roots of the material with the re-design of classic objects. Together, these new iterations are introducing possibilities that were never before imagined.

As rubber continues to find its footing in the creative sphere, its ingenuity and expressive power remain ever-present. So look out! Rubber is here to stay.

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