QW-40 Rubber Dispersant Agent

Widely used in NR, SBR, BR, NBR, EPDM etc. Halogen-free rubber; Promote uniform dispersion of silica and inorganic fillers; Extrusion compound has a smooth surface without pores.

Ingredients: Fatty acid derivatives based on metal soap.

 Appearance: light yellow granular.


Drip point£¨¡æ£©£º95

Zinc content£¨%£©£º8.5

Storage period: at least 2 years in dry environment

Package: 25kg / bag


1. It can quickly dissolve in natural rubber and synthetic rubber, promote the uniform dispersion of silica and other inorganic fillers, improve the physical properties of the hydrophobic rubber, and appropriately reduce the compression set.

2. It can quickly reduce Mooney viscosity, shorten mixing time, reduce energy consumption and improve processing efficiency.

3. It has no effect on the vulcanization process, improves the fluidity of the compound, the compound is evenly mixed, and the surface of the extruded compound is smooth without pores.

4. It can also be applied to EVA foaming products to improve pore uniformity.

5. Applicable to FDA177.2600 and BGAXXI specifications.

Usage: add with filler.

Applicable rubber£ºNR¡¢SBR¡¢BR¡¢NBR¡¢EPDM and other halogen-free rubber.

Consumption: 1-5PHR

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