QW-22 Rubber Dispersant Agent

Widely used in NBR rubber; Excellent plasticizing effect and prevention of scorch; Particularly effective for polar rubber.Applicable rubber types: NBR, H-NBR, XNBR, CSM, ACM, etc.

 Ingredients: Saturated fatty acids.

Appearance: white granular.


Drip point£¨¡æ£©£º60

Storage period: at least 2 years under normal conditions.

Package: 25kg / bag


1. Due to its high purity, it can significantly improve the processability of various rubbers, and improve the dispersion and demoulding of fillers

2. It can be used in special vulcanization processes such as high temperature vulcanization or continuous vulcanization.

3. It has excellent plasticizing effect, so it can reduce the injection pressure during mold filling and prevent scorching

4. It is especially effective for polar rubber, especially for NBR, H-NBR, XNBR, CSM and ACM, which can improve fluidity and demoulding

Usage: add with filler

Applicable rubber types: NBR, H-NBR, XNBR, CSM, ACM, etc.


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