Rubber: An Active Agent in Industry

The natural rubber industry has been growing since its discovery in the late 18th century and is currently one of the world’s most versatile resources. Rubber has been used in the construction of tyres, gloves, shoe soles, piping, seals, conveyor belts and many other industrial products.

The Versatile Properties of Rubber

There are many properties that make rubber so versatile and useful in industry. Rubber can stretch, compress, and rebound to its original shape without losing integrity. Its resilience allows it to be used in many applications where strength and durability are key considerations.

Another advantage of rubber is its chemical resistance, which makes it ideal for use in areas prone to contact with corrosive material or pressure changes. Lastly, rubber is flame retardant, making it an ideal choice for insulation material.

Rubber’s Role in Automobile Manufacture

Rubber plays a critical role in the automobile industry. Automotive tyres are made from rubber, as are many parts of the suspension system and body panels. Rubber bumpers are used to absorb impact, and rubber hoses are used extensively to transport liquids or air.

In addition, rubber is used for gaskets, door and window seals, and engine mounts. Rubber parts are critical to the efficient operation of a vehicle and maintaining their performance is important.

Rubber in Everyday Life

Rubber is an integral component of modern life. It is used in the construction of:

  • Shoe soles
  • Clothing seams
  • Household appliances
  • Medical products
  • Toys and sporting equipment

The properties of rubber make it the ideal choice for a variety of applications. It is highly durable, resilient, and resistant to corrosion and pressure changes. As a result, rubber is now an indispensable part of many industries.


Rubber is an incredibly versatile resource and plays a key role in many industries, from automobile manufacture to everyday household applications. Its properties of stretchability, resilience, chemical resistance, and flame retardancy make rubber an ideal choice for many applications.

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