Quality Control

Quality is the soul of an enterprise, from feeding to production to storage and finally to shipment, Xinqianwei has strict product inspection procedures.

  1. Chemical raw material quality control
    As the basis of chemical product production, the quality of rubber active agents from China factory raw materials will largely affect the quality of finished products, so the first and foremost link in chemical product quality control is the quality of raw materials. Our company will select manufacturers (suppliers) with high quality, reasonable price and strong overall strength through several product samples and field inspections to establish supplier files and sign raw material supply contracts, all raw materials must be accepted into the plant, and only after the quality of qualified into the plant. If the raw material acceptance is not up to standard, the goods can not be received into the warehouse.
  2. Chemical intermediate product quality control
      • All our materials have detailed records of incoming time, batch number, feeding time, etc., so as to achieve full traceability.
      • Production key process control: mainly involves the monitoring of various parameters and frequency in the production process.
      • Control of non-conforming products: Specify the control procedures for non-conforming products according to quality standards, and distinguish them with identification labels and isolate them for storage.
  3. Establish a clear production process as well as quality testing standards. After years of verification, our company has summarized a set of scientific and effective process protocol guidance documents to guide our production, to eliminate all substandard products sold to the market.
  4. Improve the quality consciousness of all staff Our company, including wear-resistant agent and EVA foaming agent masterbatch products has established a perfect reward and punishment system, and regularly conduct quality and safety training for staff to improve quality consciousness and management ability.
Safety and Environment