Overview of the plastic products industry

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Plastic products industry development overview, plastic is a contemporary economic growth, especially in the use of cars can be completed “resource, re-use, resource recycling” of key raw materials, its production and processing is zero pollution discharge, low consumption, high efficiency of the whole process, the vast majority of plastic applications can be recycled after reuse, is typical of Green raw materials for a frugal society.

It is made of synthetic or natural polymer compounds as raw materials, with plasticisers, fillers, lubricants, injection moulding agents and other additives as auxiliary components, plastic materials and a small amount of solid materials made under a certain temperature and pressure. Plastics are widely used in modern society for their light weight, high plasticity, low manufacturing costs and wide range of functions.

At present, synthetic polymer materials have become indispensable new materials for human beings, and have become one of the four basic materials in modern society together with steel, wood and cement, and is one of the basic materials supporting the development of modern society, and is widely used in information, energy, industry, agriculture, transportation and other national economic fields. In recent years, China’s plastic products industry has developed rapidly and expanded in scale, becoming an important part of China’s national economy.
In 2013, the output of plastic products in China was 61,886,600 tons, an increase of 8.02% year-on-year; as of December 2014, there were 14,062 enterprises above the scale of plastic products; the completion of the main business income of 2,039,239 billion yuan, an increase of 8.92% year-on-year; the total profit of 118,286 million yuan, an increase of 4.24% year-on-year; the realization of export delivery value of 2, 260.66 billion yuan, an increase of 2.82% year-on-year. It can be seen that the plastic products industry in China’s industrial scale is expanding, and its output is also increasing year by year, the year-on-year growth rate has slowed down in the past two years.

Nowadays, the vehicle rubber and plastic products of plastic anti-corrosion coating and styrene-butadiene rubber, artificial fiber three categories to generate fiber materials have been with steel, wood, concrete together with the composition of the four basic raw materials in modern society, is the support point of contemporary new technology development trend of one of the key new materials, is the information content, power energy, industrial production, agriculture and animal husbandry, road transport and even aerospace and deep sea development design and other social and economic All key industries can not lack the production factors, into people’s survival and development trend can not be separated from the consumer materials. Luo Baihui shows that the field of plastic pelletizing along with China’s economic development trend of steady and rapid development to maintain a high rate of improvement, development prospects are very large. In our country to promote energy saving and green economic development trend of the current policy, economic development and technological innovation, socialist society new rural planning rate development trend accelerated, urbanization process continues to promote everyone’s living standards significantly improved, promote China’s consumption rise and other basic contradictions have further promoted the electronic industry’s big development trend. Today, the vehicle rubber and plastic products requirements still maintain the trend of improvement, in the plastic building materials industry in particular, there is no less than the previous two years of growth momentum, even if the world financial crisis situation still maintain a substantial increase.


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