Making Rubber More Active with Agents

Making rubber into a workable material is not an easy task. To be effective and to make it suitable for a variety of purposes, additional agents are usually added to the rubber. In this article, we explore the different agents used in making rubber more active and the benefit they have for both manufacturers and consumers.

Benefits of Agents on Rubber

Agents are added to rubber to increase its overall performance and adaptability. Some of the key benefits of agents in rubber include:

  • Increased durability and flexibility – Agents can help increase the durability and flexibility of the rubber, making it able to withstand extreme weather and temperature changes.
  • Better surface finish – Agents allow rubber manufacturers to produce a better surface finish on the rubber which helps to minimize the chances of it deteriorating quickly.
  • Shorter curing time – Agents can also speed up the curing process, allowing manufacturers to produce more rubber with less time.
  • Improved resistance to chemicals and UV – Certain agents are added to the rubber to increase its resistance to both chemicals and UV rays, thus prolonging its lifespan.
  • Enhanced strength – Agents are added to the rubber to make it stronger and more malleable, thus improving its overall strength.

Types of Agents

There are many different types of agents that can be added to rubber to make it more active. Some of the most commonly used agents are:

  • Activators – Activators are chemicals that help the rubber cure more quickly and thoroughly. This helps to increase the rubber’s performance and make it easier to work with.
  • Anti-Ozonants – Anti-ozonants are chemical agents that are used to protect rubber from the effects of ozone. These agents help to extend the life of the rubber and protect it from long-term damage.
  • Process Oils – Process oils are used in the manufacturing stage and help to improve the flow rate, reduce the viscosity and improve the dispersion of the rubber. This helps to improve its performance.
  • Filler – Filler agents are used to improve the rubber’s mechanical properties and make it more dimensionally stable.
  • Stabilizers – Stabilizers are added to the rubber in order to ensure that it remains strong and stable for a longer period of time.


Agents are integral components in the production of rubber and they help to make the material much more workable and useful. The different agents are all used for different purposes and their benefits are wide ranging. From increased durability, flexibility and strength to better surface finish and improved resistance to UV and chemicals, the various agents used in rubber production help to make rubber an even more versatile and reliable material.

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