QW-500 rubber lubricating dispersants

Improve plastic processing fluidity and demoulding performance.Reduce torque,reduce equipment wear and easy mold filling..It has good stability and non migration..

Ingredients: Silicone and dispersant copolymer

Package: 25kg / bag
Appearance:White particles
Melting point ¡æ:110¡æ↓
Active ingredient content%:50%
Recommended dosage:3-5%

1. QW-500 rubber lubricating dispersants from China factory can Improve plastic processing fluidity and demoulding performance.

2. rubber lubricating dispersants can Reduce torque, reduce equipment wear and easy mold filling.

3. China rubber lubricating dispersants Reduce friction coefficient, improve smooth performance and surface gloss.

4. Improve wear resistance and scratch resistance.

5. China rubber lubricating dispersants supplierhas good stability and non migration.

Application direction:

It is used for extruded wire and cable material to improve processing performance and demoulding performance, reduce torque, reduce equipment wear, improve smooth performance, improve surface gloss and scratch resistance.

When using recycled rubber to produce rubber products, the reasonable use of dispersant can not only promote the uniform dispersion between carbon black and compounding agent, but also improve the compatibility of compounding agent in the rubber material, reduce the probability of spraying frost; to a certain extent, increase the plasticity and fluidity of rubber material, improve the quality of recycled rubber compounding rubber, and greatly reduce the chance of bubbles; rubber dispersant can also improve the anti-vulcanization antigenic and scorching of recycled rubber. Safety. It can be seen that the production of recycled rubber products, dispersant is really important.

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