BIBP- 40 is a bifunctional peroxide formulation which is used for the crosslinking of natural and synthetic rubbers, as well as thermoplastic polyolefins.

BIBP- 40 is a bifunctional peroxide formulation which is used for the crosslinking of natural and synthetic rubbers,

as well as thermoplastic polyolefins.

Chemical Name: Di(tert-butylperoxyisopropyl)benzene powder 40% with calcium carbonate and silica.

Chemical structure:


Molecular Weight: 338

Active oxygen content peroxide: 9.45 %

Actual product: >3.8 min

Cas No. : 25155-25-3

EINECS No. : 246-678-3

Appearance: White powder

Assay: 39.0-41.0 %

Melting range: 40-50C

Packaging and Transportation

The standard packaging is 1 carboard box for 20 KG or 25KG peroxide.

Both packaging and transport meet the international regulations. Keep containers tightly closed. Store and handle HM-40 in a dry well-ventilated place away from sources of heat or ignition and direct sunlight.

Avoid contact with reducing agents, acids, alkalis and heavy metal compounds (ex: accelerators, driers and metal soaps).

☞ We believe the above information is reliable, however the conditions of application and use of our  product is beyond  our  control.  No  warranty  is  expressed  or  implied  regarding  the  accuracy  of  this  information.  This information is supplied with the express condition that our customers will perform their own tests to determine the suitability of this product for their particular use.

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