QW-120 eva slip inhibitor

QW-120 eva slip inhibitor is Widely used in EVA foam bottom, improve the wear resistance of materials, widely used in PR PE, HDPE and other injection molding, as a lubricant flowing agent.

Ingredients: Organic silane and surfactant copolymer.

Appearance: white granular.
Proportion: 0.9-1.1
Pollution: None
Moisture: 0.01%
Storage: dry at room temperature for at least two years.


25kg / bag


1. QW-120 eva slip inhibitor from China factory can improve the wear resistance, scratching resistance and  self-cleaning properties of the products, compared with the traditional low molecular weight additives, the ultra-high molecular weight additives will not reduce the mechanical properties of the products, do not migrate, and the surface of the products is not greasy and smooth.

2. The addition of QW-120 eva slip inhibitor manufacturer to EVA can reduce the friction coefficient, reduce the wear amount, and can greatly improve the abrasion resistance and scratch resistance properties of EVA.


the original formulation was not changed, and 3-6PHR was added to each addition.

Application directions:

Widely used in the EVA foaming bottom, to improve the wear resistance properties of materials,as lubricants, flow agents widely used in injection molding of PP, PE, HDPE and so on.

EVA Slip Inhibitor has the following advantages:

  • Increase the tensile strength of the bond, but less than that of EVA
  • Improve fiber bonding, but less than that of EVA
  • Increase flexural strength without increase in compression stability
  • Reduce friction when fixed to rubber material, or have lower friction when placed on contact with synthetic rubber and resins
  • Decrease compressive stress during curing process (when using EVA Slip Inhibitor)

The drawbacks are:

  • The bond has little elastic rigidity
  • Improper curing may damage the bond (rubber may crack)

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