RP-66 Environmental Peptizer

Widely used in NR high mooney synthetic rubber; can quickly reduce rubber mooney viscosity, could work out at 80¡ãC and achieve the best results at 150oC which meet EU REACH environmental requirements.

Ingredients: Mixture of organometallic complexes, fatty acid derivatives and plasticizer DBD.

Appearance: Blue granular.


Drip point£¨¡æ£©£º60

Ash content£¨%£©£º¨Q19

Storage period: at least 2 years under normal conditions.

Package: 25kg / polyethylene bag.


1. It is a chemical plasticizer applied to NR, which can quickly reduce the Mooney viscosity of rubber and help to improve the processing performance of products. Because it contains dispersant, it can be easily dispersed in the rubber compound to prevent agglomeration.

2. It contains high active ingredients, and the expected effect can be achieved only with low addition.

3. It can start to play the role of plastic hydrolysis at 80 ¡æ and achieve the best effect at 150 ¡æ.

4. Meet the environmental protection requirements of EU REACH.

Usage: add with rubber.

Applicable rubber type: NR, high Mooney Synthetic Rubber.


In the automobile industry, active agents are used as additives to improve the performance of rubber compounds in the production process.
They enhance the properties of rubber compounds, thus improving their quality and value. They also improve the water resistance of tires and improve their adhesion.
The polymerization of carboxyl groups can be enhanced due to active agents, so carboxyl groups containing polymers can be obtained with ease.
In some cases, there is an interaction between active agents and components in rubber compounds. In order to avoid this interaction, a kind of filter has been developed for this purpose. The active agent is dispersed in a polymer and filtered through a filter so that it does not mix with the component; thus it remains dispersed in the compound.

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