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Introduction to peroxide vulcanization of rubber products

Characteristics of peroxide vulcanization system
⑴.The network structure of vulcanizate is C-C bond, which has high bond energy, high chemical stability and excellent thermal oxygen aging resistance.
⑵. Vulcanizates have low permanent deformation, good elasticity and poor dynamic properties.
⑶. The processing safety is poor and the peroxides are expensive.
⑷. It is widely used in static sealing or high temperature static sealing products.

Rubber Revolution: Exploring Processing Aids
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Rubber Revolution: Exploring Processing Aids

The rubber industry is constantly innovating with new materials and technologies as it seeks to improve the performance, qualities and production capabilities of materials used

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What is Wear and Tear?

Rubber wear is a common phenomenon that occurs due to wear and tear on rubber materials. Understanding the principles behind rubber wear and exploring methods to improve it is crucial for various industries that heavily rely on rubber products. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of rubber wear, including the concept of wear and tear, the rubber wear principle, and effective methods to enhance the durability and longevity of rubber wear.

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dervulcanization and Overvulcanization: Understanding the Impact on Rubber Products

Vulcanization is a crucial process in the rubber industry as it imparts desirable properties to rubber, such as improved strength, elasticity, and resistance to heat and chemicals. It involves the cross-linking of polymer chains using sulfur or other curing agents, resulting in a three-dimensional network structure. However, deviations from the optimal vulcanization conditions can lead to undervulcanization or overvulcanization, affecting the final product’s performance.

Rubber: The Active Agent

Rubber is an active agent in many products and industries across the world. This versatile and durable material has been used for centuries to create

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