The reason for frosting on the soles

Export vulcanized shoes are most afraid of three problems: frosting on the outsole, migration of straps and mildew of materials; these three problems are the hardest-hit areas of foreign trade order claims and product removal in history, precisely because of the concealment of these three problems. it is often impossible to see substantial changes in a short period of time, but the high temperature and high pressure in the shipping process of containers begin to show up when they reach foreign customers after ten days and a half months of transportation.


Unlocking the Secrets of Rubber Processing Aids

Rubber processing aids (RPA) are a set of products designed to help manufacturers with increasing quality, efficiency, and safety of their rubber production process. RPA have become increasingly important in recent years as manufacturers strive to improve their production standards.


Unlocking the Benefits of Rubber Processing Aids

Audience: Expert Many production processes involve the use of rubber processing aids to assist in the manufacture of rubber materials. By unlocking the many benefits of rubber processing aids, manufacturers can produce higher-grade rubber products that meet their customers' needs



Polymer materials, because of their excellent properties such as light weight, high strength, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, are now widely used in many fields, such as high-end manufacturing, electronic information, transportation, building energy saving, aerospace, national defense and military industry. Played a huge role.
It is not only an important basic industry of the national economy, but also a national leading industry.
Polymer materials have always been a development field that developed countries and multinational corporations attach great importance to.
This not only provides a broad market space for the polymer new material industry, but also puts forward higher requirements for its quality performance, reliability level, guarantee ability and so on, and aging is an important factor affecting the reliability and durability of polymer materials.


Rubber Rejuvenation: The Power of Processing Aids

Processing aids – such as polymers, resins and fatty acids – have been gaining traction lately as a way to add new life and durability to rubber products. But what are these unique processing aid options, and how can they


Rubber Aides: Easing Processing Headaches

Processing can be a headache-inducing and time consuming task. Thankfully, today, there is an efficient and cost-effective solution: rubber aides. Let's look at why and how rubber aides can help ease processing headaches. What are Rubber Aides? Rubber aides are



It should be noted that to improve the tensile strength of rubber, appropriate methods need to be selected according to the specific conditions, and experimental verification should be carried out. At the same time, other performance indicators such as aging resistance and medium resistance need to be considered to ensure that the quality of the final product meets the requirements.


Introduction to peroxide vulcanization of rubber products

Characteristics of peroxide vulcanization system
⑴.The network structure of vulcanizate is C-C bond, which has high bond energy, high chemical stability and excellent thermal oxygen aging resistance.
⑵. Vulcanizates have low permanent deformation, good elasticity and poor dynamic properties.
⑶. The processing safety is poor and the peroxides are expensive.
⑷. It is widely used in static sealing or high temperature static sealing products.


Rubber Revolution: Exploring Processing Aids

The rubber industry is constantly innovating with new materials and technologies as it seeks to improve the performance, qualities and production capabilities of materials used in tires, seals and other rubber components. In recent years, breakthroughs in the development and


What is Wear and Tear?

Rubber wear is a common phenomenon that occurs due to wear and tear on rubber materials. Understanding the principles behind rubber wear and exploring methods to improve it is crucial for various industries that heavily rely on rubber products. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of rubber wear, including the concept of wear and tear, the rubber wear principle, and effective methods to enhance the durability and longevity of rubber wear.