SI-69 SI-50 rubber wear-resistant masterbatches

Widely used in rubber products, tire industry, improve rubber’s wear resistance; Particularly suitable for sulfur vulcanization system with white carbon black as reinforcing agent.

Active raw material: bis (3-trioxysilane propyl) tetrasulfide

Molecular formula:C18H42O6S4SI2

Package: 25kg / piece

Active content£º50
Colour£ºLight yellow translucent
Total sulfur content£º≥22.5


As a durable material with toughness, elasticity, and high strength, rubber is used in a wide range of applications such as automotive tires, construction machinery, aerospace, and mechanical parts, such as seals, tires, conveyor belts, tracks, connectors, etc. The wear resistance and heat dissipation properties of rubber directly determine the service life of rubber products. If the wear resistance decreases, rubber products will lose quickly in working conditions and even affect their use; if the heat dissipation performance decreases, it will accelerate the aging of rubber, thus reducing the strength and wear resistance. Therefore, the comprehensive modification of wear resistance and heat dissipation of rubber wear-resistant masterbatches from China factory is extremely important to enhance the service life of products and adaptability to the operating environment.


SI-69 (SI-50) rubber wear-resistant masterbatches from China factory can significantly improve the wear resistance strength, permanent deformation, fixed extension strength and tear strength of rubber products, and the Mooney viscosity of rubber materials in the mixing process is significantly reduced, and the sulfur change performance is improved.


  • tire
  • conveyor belt
  • seal
  • cable sheath
  • rubber roller
  • V-belt
  • other industrial products and shoe products


the general dosage is 2.0PHR-4.0PHR.


Please store China rubber wear-resistant masterbatches  in a dry and cool place, away from heat or direct sunlight, and seal the original package for half a year

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