High styrene rubber JHS-260

Ingredients: High styrene butadiene copolymer

Typical features:

Characteristic Indicators
Combined styrene% 60-70
Menni ML1+4 (100 ℃) 55-65
Hardness 95more than
Appearance Off white particles

Product features:

1. Improve product hardness, suitable for lightweight, high hardness rubber products.

2. Ultra high molecular weight does not reduce the mechanical properties of the product and does not migrate.

3. PS additive.

Application direction and dosage:

RB series products: 10-20PHR

PS toughening direction: 6-12%


Store in a greenhouse or dry environment for two years

Product packaging:

High styrene rubber JHS-260High styrene rubber JHS-260High styrene rubber JHS-260

This guideline is for reference only and cannot make any promises as process operations and usage will exceed our control.

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