QW-450 Active Agent

Widely used in rubber industry; Improve material activity and dispersibility; Balance the acidness of white carbon black, shorten vulcanization time.

Ingredients: Derivatives of high boiling alcohols and amine mixtures.

Appearance: white powder


Pollution: None

Discoloration: None

Storage: Unlimited at low temperature and dry place

Package: 25kg / bag


  1. Improve processing safety, prolong scorching time and prevent dead material.
  2. QW-450 Active Agent has good activation and dispersion effect on white smoke and clay.
  3. QW-450 Active Agent from the China factory can be used as a secondary accelerator to shorten the sulfur addition time.
  4. Improve physical properties (such as tear force, tensile strength, hardness, and elasticity).
  5. A special mesh structure can be formed in rubber to prevent spitting caused by material movement.

Usage: add it together with white smoke at the initial stage of mixing. The effect is especially good.


  1. When used as an active agent, it is 3-6% of the dosage of the reinforcing agent (silicon dioxide and clay).
  2. When used as a secondary accelerator, it is 1-2phr of the amount of rubber.



  1. Active Agent is used for natural rubber, synthetic rubber, TPR, and EVA. It is a white smoke activator and dispersant.
  2. In TPR and EVA products, Active Agent from China factory can help the foaming uniformity of the foaming agents.

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