PEG-4000 Bulk Active Agent

Widely used in rubber industry; Improve material activity and dispersibility; Balance the acidness of white carbon black, shorten vulcanization time.

Appearance: White block
Hydroxyl value (mgKOH / g): 27.23
PH£¨1%aq£©: 6.42
Moisture (%): 0.28
viscosity: 829


1. PEG-4000 Bulk China Active Agent can be used in medicine, cosmetics, chemical industry, rubber, metal, and other fields.

2. PEG-4000 Bulk Active Agent manufacturer can be used in finishing, decoration, pigment, spinning, textile, and other fields

3. PEG-4000 Bulk Active Agent from China factory is also the main material of ester-type surfactant.

Active Agents from China factories are used in a range of cleaning products because they reduce the surface tension of water, essentially making the molecules more unstable so they are less likely to stick together on their own and more likely to interact with oils and greases. In addition to soaps and detergents, Active Agent are used in lubricants, inks, anti-fog liquids, herbicides, adhesives, emulsifiers, and fabric softeners. Even the human body produces surfactants, called pulmonary surfactants.

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