6 Factors of Masterbatch Quality Requirements

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Polypropylene is a pure hydrocarbon, the molecular chain contains tertiary carbon atoms, heat, light in the tertiary carbon atoms at the molecular easy to crack, so that the polypropylene character deterioration, in order to require the color masterbatch made in the high temperature spinning easy to diffuse, do not destroy the fiber character, do not make the fiber fade, have excellent light resistance, wear resistance, solvent resistance, can afford the harsh spinning draw.

  1. The pigments used in heat resistant masterbatches are fundamentally required to withstand the temperature during the production of polypropylene fibers and to maintain a stable performance. The temperature resistance is usually 270-280℃ or more.
  2. The pigment used for sparse masterbatch should be well sparse and well-dispersed in the masterbatch, and the sparse agent used will not degrade the quality of polypropylene fiber. Otherwise, it is not as good as the production of good quality original liquid coloring fiber, and the operation is not stable, and it is easy to break or breed very fiber when drawing the fiber.
  3. Brightness polypropylene original liquid coloring has many uses, among them is used for bedspread base cloth and knitted fabric, which requires bright shades. Because organic pigment is brighter and more beautiful, and easy to color, so it is necessary to use organic pigment for the above purpose.
  4. The light resistance of some pigments has photosensitive effect under the action of light, which makes the coloring fiber fade and brittle damage, and the light resistance of pigment is basically related to its chemical layout, so the light resistance of pigment should be paid full attention to when making masterbatches, and when the light resistant pigment is necessary to use, it can be considered to add UV absorbing agent.
  5. The pigments used in the color masterbatch should have excellent stability for the colored polypropylene fiber. This means that the pigment will not react with the fiber when the colored fiber polymer is exposed to heat, light or high temperature, forming new chemical groups to make the polymer performance rebound. The color masterbatch should be as pure as possible, without iron, copper, lead and other salt impurities, to ensure that the physical properties of the coloring polypropylene fiber is excellent.
  6. Water resistance, dry cleaning resistance, oil resistance, coloring polypropylene fiber products in the use of over and inevitably have to subvert the water or solvent dry cleaning, to fight to the oil agent, especially for carpets, so its use of coloring agent to have excellent resistance to water washing, dry cleaning resistance, oil resistance.

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